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Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a UX Designer.

Amy Rene Powell headshot

My mission is to make the digital world accessible for everyone. I believe accessibility begins with a solid content strategy and genuine commitment to care about every user.

I was born & grew up in central Texas & currently call Austin my home. In Austin, I have access to many digital professionals that I consider my peers. There is a culture of exploration and learning in Austin that is contagious. With every new encounter, I’m reminded of my mission and desire to use my skills to bridge the gaps between users. I love knowing some gaps haven’t even been discovered yet & I want to be on the cutting edge of those discoveries.

I’ve spent the last six years working on complex web environments in the higher education industry. My roles have encompassed web development, design, research, evaluation, reporting, information architecture and content strategy among others. Holding jobs with so many expectations allowed me to explore the various aspects of the digital world. I was able to determine my strengths, weaknesses & eventually identified the area I want to pursue a long-term career in: UX Design.

Because of the extensive nature of UX Design, I decided to get my Master’s in UX Design from Kent State University. Through this program, I am introduced to the many core concepts of UX Design & explore each with focus and a desire to find my passion. I will graduate with my Master’s in May 2017, but am using every day to do good work and make a difference, with or without the official degree.

I approach life with curiosity. I want to find out what else I have not thought of yet. I want to turn over every stone and open every door I can, because I want to be a part of the solution in not only building better digital experiences, but also building a better world. UX Design matters to our world, and I hope to continue to do my part.

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